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Adult Science Fair Registration

16:00 - 16:00
06/04/19 - 27/04/19
Dallas , United States


Sign up alone or with a group of up to 4 members to participate in the inaugural Celestial Adult Science Fair. Just like you did in middle school, you will determine your hypothesis, conduct your expirement, and display the results for everyone to see and judge. 

There will be an informational on Saturday, April 6th at 11am to further explain the process. You will then have 3 weeks to conduct your experiment and prepare your display. All displays must be submitted and set up in the tap room by Saturday, April 27th at 11am for fair day.


  • $20/each participant: Each registrant will receive a science fair t-shirt and special glass to fill/keep on fair day (April 27th)


  • 1st Place Winnings: Individual/group will be recognized on our science fair trophy, displayed year long in the tap room and will receive $150 Celestial Beerbucks
  • 2nd Place Winnings: $100 Celestial Beerbucks
  • 3rd Place Winnings: $50 Celestial Beerbucks




2530, Butler Street


Technology & Design